Job in Canada

Work in United States

I insist on the aspect “legally”. No US company will hire you illegally – without a work visa – unless you want to mow lawns or work in the building. So you have to get a visa. There are roughly three types: resident visas (aka the green card), temporary visas (H, L, J, O) and investor visas. All this may seem complicated and that’s exactly the case. Do not take legal proceedings without consulting a lawyer or you will fail. Generally, it is the future employer who pays for the lawyer and the fees. Note that if you get a visa, your spouse and your children also get one automatically and gay marriage is recognized in the US. Cohabitation is also recognized but it is more complicated. Many couples are getting married just to get a visa

Job in Canada

Specific programs encourage Canadian corporations to rent newcomers. There also are initiatives that offer you with Canadian expertise through coaching opportunities for consummate Arab universities and consummate staff to figure in Canada.

Immigration to Canada

According to the Voice of Canada website in an article: that the Canadian Minister of Immigration; Announce; The country will receive 310,000 immigrants, mostly economic migrants, as a step to stimulate economic growth in the country.

The Canadian government added that it will adopt the plan as a new basis for granting permanent residence to these immigrants next year, and therefore the vast majority of those allowed to enter the country will be selected as immigrants for economic reasons.

Immigration to Australia 2020

If you want to immigrate to Australia 2020, you should know that this is the right time to start the immigration procedure, and we will explain why just before the end.
But before you start your immigration procedure in Australia, you should start right, and know where to start your file.
The immigration file for Australia 2020 should be started early, as it takes a long time to obtain a visa.
In the end, we will stop with the common questions about Australian immigration, so things are well clear.

Work in Germany

In order to cope with future economic challenges, German companies are increasingly seeking to recruit a skilled foreign workforce, both inside and outside the EU’s borders. As for the recruitment of skilled labor from non-European countries, Germany has become, in the last five years, undisputed champion in the distribution of Blue Cards. Similar to the US Green Card, the Blue Card is a European-wide approved work permit (Council Directive 2009/50 / EC) allowing highly qualified non-European citizens to work and settle in any location. countries of the European Union, with the exception of Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. In this article, we will reveal among other things what are the conditions for obtaining the Blue Card and what it entitles.

Study in Australia

With 300,000 students coming from all over the world to Australia in 2017, it is clear that this country is one of the most popular study destinations for young people. Its attractiveness is explained by the many benefits it offers to students in search of knowledge as well as a framework conducive to personal growth and employability.

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